It is a very weird question, I know. But really, how often do you wash your denim? Did you know it gets better if you go without washing it as often as some would deem appropriate? The fabric becomes softer. It fits on you like a glove. It creates a sheen that can only be achieved with wearing it over and over again. Until in time, it becomes beautifully imperfect. Like a piece of art. 

There was a point in time however, way before brands like Levi's, Lee, Nudie, PRPS, AG Jeans for Women, Paige Denim marketed it as a premium commodity, denim used to be associated with the working class. Back in the olden days, back when denim was deemed to be the clothing choice (or can we say non-choice?) of pheasants, the natural markings and fades that denim gets is a real product of being used day after day in the fields, in gold mines, doing menial labour. The indigo that coats the yarn of the woven fabric comes off or gets scraped away through rubbing the pants with rough hands, tools, basically anything that comes in contact with its surface. The cat-like whiskers that are scrunched up lines near the hips and crotch area comes from sitting down and hiking them up to be more comfortable. The hem line that gets stepped on develops a natural fray. The front and back panels becomes a lighter shade of denim. Sometimes, because it is exposed to minerals and soil, it creates a yellowish or brownish cast. It gets splattered on with white stains from bleach or paint. The list of mishaps goes on.

Fast forward from several decades to now, all these natural occurrences are done mostly because of the dictates of trends and fashion. Premium denim brands like AG Jeans have perfected the process of making denim jeans precisely how a concept or a story is told. With much attention to detail, and with many careful thoughts, today's denim pants represent our history as much as our contemporary lives. AG Jeans' wide range of products promises you authentic vintage to classics that flatter every figure and complements every wardrobe as an essential. With a wide range of silhouettes and washes to choose from, it is definitely every millennial's wardrobe essential. AG Jeans' selection of basics can go from day to night with just a few tweaks in accessories and you're ready to go. If you are looking for a piece of clothing that you can use as a staple, a good pair of jeans in a range of very dark indigo to almost white bleached out are key. Added to denim pants, AG Jeans also has a collection of skirts, shorts, overalls, polo shirts and jackets to mix and match. With the double denim trend, choosing pieces is easy.

So going back to my first question, how often should you actually wash your denim? The answer varies, but typically, to extend the length of time you can enjoy your denim, it is advisable not to wash it every time you wear it. Ideally, after 2 to 4 wearing would suffice. Less frequently if you are brave. If you find this a bit too much, why not try freezing them to get rid of any bacteria like a few enthusiasts swear by? Whatever you choose to do with your denim, just don't forget enjoying wearing it.